Plugg is the first ever marketplace built for the sharing economy! What’s the sharing economy? For example, with Uber you drive other people around in your car and make some money… with AirBNB you rent out a room and make some money… With Plugg, you share deals from Artist, small businesses, makers and anyone with something to sell, on your social media timelines. When someone purchases the deal from your post you make a minimum 10% sales commission.

The idea behind Plugg is that we can work together to help promote each other. That we can all share in each others success and we can create a vibrant community of supporters and change the way we market our products to each other forever!

It also creates a virtual sales force of supporters for people who don’t want to or can’t afford to use traditional marketing . There is no fee to create a Plugg deal and in essence, you get thousands of people to share your work for free. Unlike traditional marketing where you simply pay to have the right to be seen, there is no guarantee you will sell anything.  Sure you could pay for ads on your favorite social media platforms, but the cost becomes substantial and if you can’t afford to buy expensive advertising what other options do you have? Now you have Plugg!

Let’s Break it Down!
If your seller or as we call it a creator here’s what you do…

  • Step 1 – Register as a Plugg user! Your email address is how you are paid so use a good one!
  • Step 2 – After confirming your email address go to the Plugg Creator Dashboard and create your store. There is no cost to set up your store, no fee to list items, no fees until your item sells. There are two separate fees once the deal sell. First, the Plugger (The person who shared and sold your deal) earns a min 10% commission.  The Plugg Company takes 20% of the sale price. This fee is to cover all of the transaction processing and run these servers and shit. We not only take the original payment from the buyer, we also pay the creator and the plugger. 3 separate transactions add up fast.  For example, you sell an Art piece for $100. 10% or 10$ goes the person who sold it, 20% or 20$ goes to Plugg. You get the remaining $70.
  •  Step 3 – Spread the word! Tell your friends and family to check out your store and let them know to get their Plugg on !

If you just want to start plugging and making money then do this…

  • Step 1 – Register as a Plugg User! Your email address is how you are paid so use a good one!
  • Step 2 – Find deals and people you want to support and start Plugging! It’s just a few clicks and as soon as someone buys from your link you make a commission!
  • Step 3 – Watch the money pile up!