PLUGG is a new tool so there are a lot of questions on how to use it and how it works. With this FAQ we hope to provide some answers to our most frequent questions. If there is something we didn’t answer please fell free to contact us at [email protected]

1. What is PLUGG?

A. Plugg is a marketplace powered by people! Users are allowed to create deals for things they want to sell or promote. Once approved their deal is put into the marketplace. Then other Plugg users and their supporters can promote any deal on their social media accounts, text or email. If the deal sells from their post they earn a min 10% commission.

2. How do I make money?

A. Each time you post a deal to your timeline you have the opportunity to make money. If someone clicks on your link and buys the deal you make a commission. When you Plugg a deal a custom link is generated that represent you. Anytime someone clicks and buys from that link you make money. Plugg also offers an occasional influencer reward for our most active Plugg users. So keep plugging!

3. Why should I create a Plugg deal?

A. It is a great way to sell your stuff! Plugg lets you create a virtual store for things you want to sell. No posting fees, no maintenance fees…it’s your store, it’s beautiful and most important it cost you nothing to create a Plugg deal.

It free advertising! You can create a Plugg and watch as thousands of people will post your deal on their social media accounts all over the world at no cost to you. Suddenly you have a virtual sales force that can help you sell anything to anyone. The cooler your deal the more people will want to help you sell it and it’s a great way to prove your concept.

You’re directly reinvesting in your supporters and in our communities! The people who post your deal and believe in your product or service are the ones you should reward. You are helping to create a source of extra income for thousands of people. Plugg is power to the people.

4. There are some fees, right?

A. Yes, Plugg charges a flat 20% fee for each item that sells. And the Plugger gets a 10% commission. So when your deal sells there is a total of 30% off the sales price. Think of it as a 30% off sale. But this includes a lot of stuff and rather than try to break down a fee for each thing we want to keep it simple.

To give you an idea the Plugg fee includes the cost of processing the initial transaction (usually 3% + .30 for each transaction) and the cost to issue a payment to creator/seller and the Plugger.

5. How do I get paid?

A. Depending on a few factors The Plugg Co will issue payments to the seller and the Plugger through or every other Tuesday. Both services require you to setup an account but it cost you nothing to receive money and both can transfer funds directly to your bank account or in some cases a debit card. Payments are made after the purchase is completed.

6. What type of deals can I create?

A. The possibilities are endless. You can create a voucher for your food truck, you can sell your own creations, your car, your movie, your new children’s book, sell your music, sell personal training, sell cleaning services, it really up to you !

Oh but the Lawyers said …Sorry no drugs or firearms.