PLUGG is Coming soon.

Plugg is the first App designed to help anyone promote anything...its Power to the People...and its about time!


Work Together

Plugg will let you promote your business or your project by unlocking the power of social media by creating a new organic marketplace... simply save money , make money and support the projects you love

Be about your paper

Plugg helps small business, Artist, Musican and well... anyone with a social media account to promote their project, make real money, earn real rewards and help create oppotunites for everyone.

ITs power to the people

Plugg will give you an unprecdented sales tool to connect with any one using social media today and tomorrow. Fuck Facebook Ads ... Its time to Plugg!

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Who we are.

PLUGG was founded to help connect artist, small businesses, food trucks, babysitters ... Really anyone who wants to promote their project or service with people looking to save and make money. Plugg is desinged to be the new face of advertising. You list your Plugg and watch as people turn their timelines into prime time ! We want to bring you new way to promote your projects while rewarding the people who support you.

PLUGG is simple... you set your promotion... you set the terms and the people will choose to Plugg you or not. TO PLugg or not to Plugg that is the question?

And for us everyday social media groupies...it time to get our money right! Every time you post a plugg to your Social media account you'll receive an award from the project owner, maybe a upgrade or a free drink who knows? Every time someone buys the product from your post you get paid... you get Paper , Skrilla , Scratch, Duckets , Cheddah, Dinero... Why should FB be the only getting paid off of your timeline? Trash!.

YASSS Were Coming.