Is kind of a Big Deal! It's a powerful martketing APP that lets you harness the power of Community and Social Media to create a new way to promote
Artist, Local Business and the People you know and Love!


PLUGG is a Revolution in Ecommerce! Plugg is the first app that allows you to use the power within your timeline to help promote, support and sell stuff for your friends, artist, and well anyone who has to something they want to sell. Best of all its a way to reward the people who support you by giving them Money for supporting you!

PLUGG is Simple! Create a PLUGG deal for something you want to sell. Offer a paid commission to anyone who sells your item through their custom link. The PLUGG Co takes care of the rest!

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You can download PLUGG for free in the app store and start Plugging! Sell the products and Art you love, Make Money, grow local busines, and re invest in your community now.

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Feel free to email us to ask questions or provide some feedback, give us suggestions for improvements or just say hello!